Intern Doctor Salary in Kenya

Intern Doctor Salary in Kenya


Intern Doctors in Kenya are individuals who have graduated from local and international universities with a degree in medicine and are awaiting placement. They are paid salaries and allowances based on government salary structures.

An Intern doctor earns Ksh 189,910.The amount is inclusive of allowances. However, the union of doctors and the government had agreed that the salary of intern doctors increase to a minimum of Ksh 206,989.

Intern doctors are required to work in public hospitals for at least a year before they are officially posted as permanent government employees.

About a decade ago, securing internship was as easy as not qualifying to university, but the introduction of parallel program diluted the profession.Today,even with a degree in medicine won’t guarantee anyone a job. It’s for this reason that we have experienced brain drain, forcing the government to hire doctors from Cuba who will be earning Ksh 800,000