“Raila Should Return to Opposition and Help us Fight Corruption”-Kenyans


Kenyans have begged former opposition leader Raila Odinga to take back his position and help them fight corruption. Millions of citizens today took to social media to express their disappointment with Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Wtangula,who they called “former flower girls”

Four scandals have emerged which include NCPB,NYS,Kenya Pipeline and Youth Fund.More than Ksh 12 billion was lost in these institutions. Helpless Kenyans have made noise on social media but no one in the government cares. Now the worrying part is that Raila is silent.

For the first time, Kenyans have urged Raila to make noise so that Ruto and Uhuru can be scared.They say when Raila is in the opposition, the government is always on toes but now that he is Uhuru’s “brother” no one in Jubilee administration is worried—they are stealing left, Centre and right.

One Wahome Thuku,who hates Ruto to death wrote this today:

“ IMAGINE if today Raila had not shaken Uhuru’s hand. I can assure you ODM would be milking these maize and NYS scandals to the bones. Corrupt Cabinet Secretaries and their cronies would be on their way out. Uhuru would be having nightmares. Another guy would be all over Citizen TV trying to explain in alit of English how Jubilee 4 pillars will be achieved, to distract us from the issue.
RAILA Odinga please go back to the opposition”

There are also several other Kenyans who are waiting for Raila to start making noise so that Uhuru can act.