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Places in Nairobi Where You are Not Allowed To Take Photos…You Will Rot in Jail

Places in Nairobi Where You are Not Allowed To Take Photos…You Will Rot in Jail


Taking photos is fun but in Nairobi, you can’t pose anywhere for a photo, there are places regarded as no go zone. If you have missed the cold in a police cell pose inform of these areas for photos.

  1. Jomo Kenyatta Mausoleum

Jomo Kenyatta Mausoleum is located adjacent Parliament Building and opposite Intercontinental Hotel. This is where first president Jomo Kenyatta was buried. The place is heavily guarded by the elite of the elites such that anyone who enters the area within its boundaries must be a dignitary.

Posing inform of this area for a photo will attract the attention of the hawk eyed KDF officers who are manning the region. They will eventually arrest you.

  1. Outside Harambee House

Harambee House houses the office of the president. This particular location is under CCTV surveillance 24/7.Ordinary citizens are not allowed to take photos just outside the office.

  1. Outside Times Towers

Times Towers houses the Kenya Revenue Authority. According to the taxman, you should not take a photo outside this building, just for security reasons.

  1. Outside Police Headquarters on Harambee Avenue

Police Headquarters are located on Harambee Avenue. This is where Boinnet and other senior officers have offices. Any citizen found taking photos outside this office is arrested.

  1. Outside Parliament Building

Parliament Building houses the honourable Members of Parliament, who need maximum protection. Taking photos outside parliament is prohibited.

  1. Outside State House

Unless you are a guest of State House, you will be committing a serious offense by taking a photo outside State House.

  1. Outside Central Bank

Unless you are mad, you can’t pose for a photo outside Central Bank of Kenya. People who are caught taking photos outside this building are arrested and taken to the cells.

  1. Outside Harambee Annex

Harambee Annex is the office of the Deputy President. This office is directly opposite Harambee House and houses William Ruto’s office.

Taking a photo outside this building is prohibited.

  1. Outside United Nations Office,Gigiri

Few decades ago it was not a crime to take a photo outside UN offices in Gigiri, but the favour is no longer there. Don’t dare take a photo outside UN offices, Nairobi.

11.Outside Army Barracks

All Army Barracks in Kenya are secured. Being seen taking photos outside the gates will attract heavy punishment.