“Mimi Nimekula Maid Wetu Karibu Wote”—Here is a Story of a Man Who Cannot Zip his Trouser!


I have read a story from my friend about sex with maid and just shook my head. Personally, I have had sex with almost all my mother’s maids, even at this my old age I always find myself in their thighs whenever I visit home. Only one tried to refuse my advances but when I brought her present, shoes costing 750/- she threw her pant through the window and I felt good in the dick the entire Christmas period….even my mother somehow knows my wayward behaviours because I hate it whenever my sisters quarrel the maids, I always defend them vigorously and even quote labor laws or mention curses that will befall them if they harass these poor girls (They are Christians so they get scared whenever I quote bible verses)….to try and tame me, my mother employed a 48 year old maid….it only took a wink of an eye to notify her that I was interested, I then wrote a note telling her not to lock her house door from the inside coz I will come for some discussion, she read it and smiled then went to kitchen swinging her big Luhya buttocks, that night the sex was sweetest, a tight pussy alongside expertise at shacking her waist, I stayed home till January 15th just feeling sweetness