Senator Wamatangi Chewed a Housegirl, who gave birth to a bouncing Baby Girl. Here is What Happened Next


Outspoken Senator Kimani Wamatangi has been sued by his former housegirl.The former Raila critic chewed his housegirl severally until a child was born. After he succeeded in planting a seed,he disappeared.

Winfred Wangui Kimani is the mother of Wamatangi’s daughter and she is the one Wamatangi employed as a househelp.In a good night,the Senator tiptoed to the maid’s room and did the act…he felt good.The unthinkable happened when Wangui told him,”I have missed my periods”.

A baby girl was born on April 23, 2007 and Wamatangi was notified. The Senator sent Ksh7,000 only and  he kept quiet.Wangui claims that since that time,Wamatangi has only seen his daughter twice and has contributed less than Ksh75,000 in total for the upkeep.

Wangui has sued Wamatangi for neglect and failure to take responsibilities as a father.She now wants Ksh75,000 each month for upkeep.

Part of Wangui’s sworn affidavit reads that: “The plaintiff avers that the defendant has a legal obligation to maintain his daughter in the following manners: Sh20,000 for school fees, an equal amount for house rent, Sh15,000 in medical care fee and Sh20,000 in clothing and miscellaneous expenses. The total expenses comes to Sh75, 000.”