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Best Web Hosting Company for your Viral Blog


If your blog is going viral and you’re perhaps faced with a dilemma on where to host it, today you have the answer.Kinsta has emerged the best hosting company for viral blogs and websites that need 100% uptime to keep growing. Many blogs like venas news, victormatara,shoutmeloud and hundreds of others are hosted by kinsta and ever since they chose it as their preferred hosting company, they have never faced a single issue.

When you start a blog, it’s all glamour until it starts receiving thousands of visitors; you wake up one morning and discover that your site is down.The best you can do is contact the hosting company to request them increase the bandwidth only to be told to increase your hosting budget—that’s not the case for Kinsta.The good thing I like about Kinsta is that I pay after I utilize the resources. The greatest joy I experience is that since I started hosting this site at Kinsta I haven’t experienced any downtime, not even once.

If you are currently having issues with your hosting company, you better join Kinsta.They will move your site for free to their platform and help you grow it until full satisfaction. You can click here to see how much it costs to host a site at Kinsta.

If you have stayed in the industry for long, I believe you know how hosting it important to a blogger, so don’t compromise the quality of services you offer to your readers. One thing I know about our readers is that they are extremely impatient, if they come today and realize that our site is not live, tomorrow the same and the next day the song is same, they will move to our competitors.