Aliniambia,”Hiyo Pesa sitakurudishia,Fanya chenye Untataka”—Chenye nilimfanyia Hawezisahau


Morris alikuwa rafiki yangu lakini urafiki ulikatika.Three months ago he promised to sell me a plot.On Friday I called him informing that I was ready to view the plot.He agreed to take me there the following day.

On Saturday morning tuliamkia Kitengela where the plot is located. We met at Nyayo stadium stage and proceeded to kitengela.

After 40 minutes we arrived at a place called Isinya which is few kilometres from kitengela.Morris showed me a 50 by 100 plot which he said he had bought for Ksh 350,000 and he wants to sell it to settle school fees.He told me since he is my friend,he will only ask for Ksh 100,000 as down payment and I pay the rest in 6 installments. We had agreed I pay Ksh 400,000 in total.

Since I trusted him and we go to church together, I paid him the Ksh 100,000 and promised to complete other payment in 6 months.

After I paid the second installment of Ksh60,000,I went to the plot to fence it as we had agreed. It was during the fencing that two men approached me and told me to stop. One of them even threatened to beat me for trespassing. I tried to explain to them what had transpired and what they told me shocked me.It was clear from their argument I had been conned by Morris.While the two men were explaining,I called morris to come to the plot so that he can shed more light.But he told me he is busy with his family.I even offered to send him Ksh1000 for fuel but he refused.

That evening I visited him to know why he did what he did.At his gate I found his son who told me Morris wasn’t around.I ignored him and proceeded to his house. What surprised me was that he was sitted there watching football.

I entered the room and we started arguing. The argument got worse until he chased me out of the house.I was forced to leave the compound because he threatened to kill me.While I was leaving,I heard him say, “Hiyo Pesa sitakurudishia,Fanya chenye Untataka”

I left the home and  proceeded to my house.I then sent him a message telling him to send the money within a month or I teach him a lesson.He responded rudely that I am not the first one to threaten him.

That week I called Dr Mugwenu on the following contacts:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]


Two weeks after I engaged the services of Mugwenu,Morris called me to inform me that his private parts have refused to work and if I am the cause,I forgive him.I told him I must get the money before I do anything. I even reminded him what he had told me.

Two days later while I was watching Maribe’s story,I saw a message and it was Ksh 50,000 from Morris.He wrote a message telling me he would clear the balance the following day.

On Tuesday morning he paid another Ksh50,000 and in the evening Ksh 60,000.

We are not talking up to now and I am happy.