Earn Ksh 2 Million Plus 75 % Bonus for Free This Weekend—Here is How


This coming weekend I will be playing the Cheza Cash jackpot after being motivated by one of my readers who win Ksh 675,000.I realized it’s one of the easiest jackpots in Kenya since it involves identifying the teams that will score each other, teams that will end up with under/over 2.5 goals and teams that will win in their respective categories.

What I am sure most of you aren’t aware is that companies like Cheza Cash have the easiest jackpot as compared to the most popular companies like Sportpesa.Another important thing you’ll discover is that since few people play the jackpot, you have all the chances to win the money alone—no division amongst gamblers.

For you to play the jackpot, you have to register via this link, registration takes less than a minute.You will then click on Jackpot and pick your result.After submitting the result, wait until Sunday to be declared the winner.

Beside the Jackpot, Cheza Cash has array of promotions, one of them being the 75 % bonus.If you are broke, visit Cheza Cash website here, register and deposit at least Ksh 200.Immediately you deposit and do any activity, you’ll automatically get 75% of your deposit.

It’s good to try something news –you’ll have wonderful experience.