Here is How to Earn Ksh 12,000 from Sportpesa Jackpot without Winning the Bonus


It’s easier to win multibets from Sportpesa jackpot than winning the bonus.Normally,if you get 12 correct predictions, the most amount you can take home is Ksh 70,000 but if you do some calculations, you find that betting for multibets drawn from the jackpot is much easier.

The games displayed in the Sportpesa jackpot have odds ranging from 2 to 4, meaning that if any correct prediction will earn you double the amount you bet with. Assuming you get 12 correct predictions and you lose 7,it means no matter how much money you bet with, you must earn more than the capital. Let’s take this example: You place each single bet with Ksh 1, 000, implying that you’ll spend a total of Ksh 17,000 on the 17 games. If you win 12 games, it means you’ll lose Ksh 5,000 and win at least Ksh 15,000.the net profit here is Ksh 12,000.

In most cases,people who get 12 correct predictions earn less than Ksh12,000.With your single bets,you’ll be better than them.

Let’s test with the following bets:

Tottenham vs Chelsea—Chelsea win

Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona—Barcelona win

Nice vs Lille-Lille win

SC Freiburg vs Werder Bremen—SC Freiburg win

Huesca vs Levante—Levante win

Brighton vs Leicester—Brighton win

If you get half of these games correct,you’ll earn some profit.