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How to Win Sportpesa Jackpot Bonuses


I have to confess that I enjoy playing Sportpesa jackpot and so far I have managed to win the bonuses 12 times this year. It’s a fact that most gamblers (including me) have tried several occasions to win the full jackpot amount but have been unsuccessful. But the joy of playing the jackpot is that there is consolation amount given in terms of bonuses. How to win the bonus is what every bettor should have in the finger tips.

On average, bettors take 6 months of active betting before they win the bonus. However, there are some who employ other tricks to achieve their target. If you have been actively betting without success, here are tricks to employ:

  1. Subscribe to a betting predictions site

The first technique to use is to subscribe to a betting predictions site. At first it might look like a bad idea but with time you’ll see the fruits. Example is one of our subscribers who subscribed with us on July 2018.This subscriber had tried by himself to predict the Sportpesa jackpot for 3 years without any success. After registration, it never took him a month before he won Ksh 28,300 in bonus. This year alone he’s won thrice. What he does is this: When he receives the analyzed jackpot, he places a bet without altering anything. The second bet he places, he alters some games.

When you do same things repeatedly and you don’t get results, it’s a good idea you change strategy. Venas News is one of the football predictions sites you can receive Sportpesa predictions tips from and actually win the bonus. To subscribe for our tips,you pay Ksh 1000 per month to our MPESA till number 705909.The subscription process is:


Select Lipa Na MPESA

Select Buy Goods and Services

Enter Till Number (705909)

Enter Amount (Ksh 1,000)

Enter your MPESA password and send the amount

Venas News will acknowledge receipt of the amount.

Note that you’ll receive Sportpesa midweek and mega jackpots plus daily betting tips for a month.

  1. Don’t follow your instincts

In betting you don’t necessarily follow your heart. Sometimes the bets you think are sure games are the ones that always kill the bet. Research shows that when you don’t follow your instincts, you are likely to pick the best bet. Betting is exactly opposite of what happens when you pick a friend. In betting, when your heart strongly tell you, “pick this team”, know that it’s the wrong team you’re about to pick.I want you to try this:if your heart directs to Team A, ignore the option and pick otherwise. Tell me which result you’ll get.

  1. Follow Trends of result

If need be please have a book to record results of each week. There are some hidden patterns in the jackpot which you should note down. For instance, if this week had number 1 as draw, don’t expect next week’s result for number 1 to be a draw—in fact the trends has never repeated itself.

If you follow trends of the jackpot for one month, you’ll start being accurate in your predictions.

  1. Bet few minutes to the start of the jackpot

This year, Denmark was playing with Slovakia. When Sportpesa listed the match among games in the jackpot, the odds for Denmark were 2.3 while those of Slovakia were 3.2.Few minutes to the game, information came that Denmark first and second teams won’t be available for the match. The country sent a weak team for the friendly. Denmark’s odds shot to 40 while those of Serbia dropped to 1.01.Denmark were hammered 3-0.Those who placed their bets before the news came lost the match.

A lot happens before matches start and if you wait until the last minute, you’ll be able to increase the chances of winning.

  1. Bet more than once

Another best trick of getting the bonus is to bet more than once. In your list, have about 5 matches you don’t alter when placing your bets—keep on altering other matches. If you place more than 3 bets, you’ll be surprised how easily you’ll win the bonus.

  1. Don’t be desperate to win

When you are too kin on the matches you pick, that’s when you mess things up. It’s good sometimes you bet blindly.

What has helped me over time is that whenever I place these bets, I don’t put all my hopes on them—I just do my bets and continue with my daily activities.Surprisingly,I win when least expected.

Desperation is when you spend Ksh 12,800 with mountains of hopes. You’ll be surprised that people who win bonuses are those who spend less money—perhaps Ksh 100.

  1. Discuss

Another good technique to employ is to discuss with friends. Come together and tell each of your friends to come up with 3 sure games from the jackpot, combine the games and place a bet.

  1. Play consistently

If you have money, play every week. When you play consistently, you learn patterns in the jackpot and also increase the chances of winning.