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Top 5 action-packed activities for Kenyans this festive season


 It is that time of the year again when Kenyans flock popular tourist destinations as they celebrate the festive season with family and friends. With domestic tourism steadily growing, Kenyans are also exploring international destinations, with Dubai being a popular choice. For those who are still wondering what they can do this December, we have listed some action packed activities for you and your family to consider, whether you choose to travel local or if you choose to explore the popular emirate of Dubai. 

Water sports

Kenyans love beaches and that is why December is a peak season for people to flock the coast region for a swim in the ocean and for those who like trying out something new- water sports. For those visiting beaches in Nyali, Diani or Malindi and would like to try something new, then activities such as snorkelling, jet skiing, paddle boarding and kite surfing are things to try. Prices are relatively affordable, with average prices of activities being: Ksh 1,600 for snorkelling, 2,500 for jet skiing, 1,000 for paddle boarding and for those who have saved up- kite surfing for 25,000 (including training for beginners and equipment)

For those travelling to Dubai, you too can get to experience the same activities, but with Kite Surfing being a crowd favorite at Kite Beach. The beach is also very popular for endless activities among them banana boating, windsurfing and wakeboarding. For picture lovers; the beautiful coastline, white sand, the Burj Al Arab as a background and availability of wi-fi make the spot suitable for an afternoon out.

Hike to a swimming spot with a view

Hiking is a good way to get your blood pumping and to bond with family and friends. Imagine enjoying a long drive, then a hike and for it to cumulate in a beautiful scenery of waters where you can take a swim in cool crisp waters. If this sounds like something you would like to enjoy this festive season, then Ngare Ndare in Nanyuki and Hatta Dam for those traveling to Dubai are the spots.

Ngare Ndare is located on the boarder of Laikipia and Meru and offers visitors stunning views as you trek through the Ngare Ndare forest. The trek leads to a 15-metre water fall with cool (often cold) waters at the bottom and visitors are welcome for a swim. Later, you can enjoy a canopy walk, which is 10 metres above the ground into the canopy forest.

For those going to Dubai, you can enjoy a scenic adrenaline filled visit to the Hatta dam. Surrounded by mountains and filled with stunning turquoise water, it’s a stark contrast to the desert sands you’ll pass en route to Hatta. Hatta provides you with an opportunity to go kayaking or take a dip in the areas rock pools. Only a two-hour drive from the city centre, Hatta is a genuine adventure playground for any Kenyan seeking for an active holiday in Dubai.

Visit a theme park

Parks are a great way to experience family fun. In Kenya, the best parks are water parks and these include places like Wild Waters where you get to experience rides such as giant water slides, bumper cars, a play station for children and a giant flume bowl. Chaka ranch in Nairobi also offers activities close to a theme park and you enjoy activities such as quad bikes, a mini water park for the kids, skating and paint balling.

If you are in Dubai, then you will be spoilt for choice with theme parks. With attractions such as the IMG World of Adventure, Aventura and Aquaventure, you get to experience world class fun with the family.  Offering a one-of-a-kind high ropes adventure in Dubai’s Mushrif Park in Mirdif, Aventura features zip-lining, rope climbing and even a Tarzan Swing. The park offers five different levels of fun, ranging from ‘new explorers’ to ‘thrill seekers’, with the lowest height option catering to children between four and seven years old.

Go on Safari

Kenya is renowned for safaris worldwide and if you think you have seen all that you can see while on one, then try heading to a safari where you will see a collection of animals from around the world in one place. The Dubai Safari, offers this experience for you and your family. Here, you will get a chance to see blackbuck antelopes, Arabian wolves, corn snakes, Nile crocodiles, Egyptian fruit bats, wood ducks, African spurred tortoises and African white lions, amongst other animals.

Dubai Safari also hosts a number of events on a regular basis, celebrating occasions such as World   Panda Day and World Frog Day, or giving you and your little ones the chance to learn everything there is to know about butterflies, for example.

Experience ziplining

If active holidays are your kind of thing, then you have probably tried ziplining in Kenya. If you have not, then that is something to try this festive season. If you really want to go on a long ride, then head to Kereita Forest and experience the longest zipline in Kenya. If you have been there done that, then why not try the longest zipline in the world? This is located in Dubai and with the city being just 6 hours away from Nairobi on a direct flight, this is not far from reach.

A must try for adrenaline junkies, the 2.83km zipline stands 1,680 metres above sea level. The zipline is fun for couples, groups and families as long as you are more than 1.22m tall! You don’t have to see Dubai from the ground and the experience is definitely something you will not forget.