Nyeri Woman Cuts Her Boyfriend Penis ,Roasts it as sausage and Gives it to Him To Eat


There was drama in Nyeri last night when a 31-year-old woman cut her boyfriend’s penis, roasted it on a jiko and gave it to the man to eat. The incident happened after the woman had accused the boyfriend of cheating in more than one occasion.

The woman had been warning her boyfriend of dire consequences if he continues sleeping around with other women. Neighbours even attested that she had confronted the man severally and even fought over infidelity but the man’s ears were deaf for the message. On the fateful day, Njeri waited for her husband to drink enough whisky, she even added him more when he arrived at home. Satisfied that he couldn’t do anything, she took a kitchen knife and cut the man’s penis.

Njeri roasted the penis for few minutes and forced the man to eat it, saying it was the cause of the trouble. However, neighbours heard the man shouting for help and they came to rescue him.