Why You Should Not Pay Tithe(sadaka) in a Kenyan Churches


There are several valid reasons why you shouldn’t pay tithes(sadaka) in a Kenyan church.I am one of the millions of Kenyans who decided enough is enough and stopped contributing in a church.

One case happened in Kenya where hunger hit most parts of Northern Kenya, Namely Turkana, Isiolo,Garissa and neighboring towns. Red Cross, which had run a successful campaign dubbed Kenyans4Kenya, provided a Paybill number, believe it or not, this time around Kenyans refused to donate and instead tasked the institution to explain what they did with the billions they received before.

Even as Kenyans snubbed The Red Cross, majority of them resolved to contribute to Paybill number owned by individuals like Akothee.Few days later, Akothee was seen in Turkana distributing food.—she was celebrated for her wonderful heart.

Now, what is strange is that despite the fact that the entire country knows that there is drought and hunger in Turkana, no single church offered to help a brother and sister, instead they hid in their cocoon hoping no one will notice. These churches receive millions of shillings weekly yet nearly all of them won’t explain where the money goes.

One intention of forming a church is to help the less fortunate in the society.We have over 100 churches in Kenya yet no single church will offer to take care of street children.No single church will take care of the widows,the hunger strike or visit cells to provide basic needs.The tithes you pay every weekend go to the pastor’s pockets—their bank accounts are swelling yet the congregation is suffering.

I know of one church where 100% of the money collected goes to the pastor’s bank account—he lives in Runda while his flock is living in Eastlands.

Since the tithe you give in church is not useful anymore,it’s wise to attend the services and leave without parting with anything—otherwise you’ll be enriching the pastors.