Eating vaginal fluids makes you immune to cancer, and other diseases.


Scientists at St. Austin University in North Carolina, they investigated the benefits of vaginal or cervical mucus consumption and the results were amazing. These fluids contain high levels of active proteins up to 10 minutes after leaving the female body.
The vaginal fluid is rich in protein, sodium, vitamins like C1, C4, C4, vc and others.
This study confirms what was exposed by Dr. John d. Moore in his 2009 study of the “equivalent exchange” theory, which indicates that women and men benefit in the same way. The benefits of “swallowing” vaginal fluids are:
1. Eliminates buttons and buttons
2. Stimulates the electrical charges of the cells
3. Prevents prostate cancer
4. Improved digestion
5. Very effective against constipation
6. It makes teeth and bones stronger
7. Helps the functioning of the kidneys Share men! Everything is for your health! Share it on all social networks.

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