How to Win a Kenyan Woman/Lady without Spending money


Nowadays winning a Kenyan woman without spending money is as easy as walking downhill, but all you need are simple tips to use. You may want somebody as your wife or simply a girlfriend, but all in all, you need a woman for a day or few days. Here are tricks to use:

  1. Fake a lifestyle

Modern Kenyan women, especially in Nairobi love men with money, guys who drive big cars and with loaded bank accounts. For women who don’t know your past, it’s easy to convince them—fake a lifestyle. If you have never met a woman before, ensure that day you’re going to meet, you have a car, a nice car and your accent is polished. You can borrow a car from your friend.

When you finally meet her, make sure you talk big, speak about your friends in big offices and your neighbourhood. Some women will fall into your trap and it won’t take a day to win her.

  1. Use her friends

You may have mutual friends with a person you are targeting. Ensure the friends talk nicely about you. You know, women trust their friends more than anybody else. Whenever they hear that you are a man of means, they will like everything you tell them.

  1. Target desperate women, widows, divorcees and heartbroken girls

A woman who has just been dumped would like to have someone to put a smile on her. If you package yourself well, it will only take a day to win her. I have also noticed that there is no woman who is a cheap as a lady whose husband has just died, she can accept you without spending even a single cent on her.

Desperate women are cheap and easy to win.

  1. Help her when she is desperately need help.

People may say you are taking advantage of her but the truth of the matter is, when you help a desperate woman, she will automatically become yours regardless of her marital status.

  1. Promise to marry her

Women aged above 30 desperately need to get married. The moment you pretend that you seriously want a person to settle with, she will fall for you and you will do anything you want with her.

  1. Pretend to love her children

Single mothers want someone who shows fatherly love to her children.If you show the love,you will win her within seconds.