How to Become Poor in Kenya


How to become poor in Kenya, this is one question only few individuals ask themselves. While most of us concentrate on knowing how to become rich, there are key questions we should ask ourselves, why are we poor? To bring the debate into conclusion, here are genuine ways to become poor in Kenya

  1. Hang out with idiots

When you hang out with idiots, you become an idiot. Englishmen say, “show me your friends I tell you your character”. The more time you give your friends, the more you inherit their characteristics. If your friends are always engrossed with gossiping, sex and alcohol, the only thing you can achieve is what you talk about. If your friends talk of constructive ideas, that’s what you’ll become.

  1. Postpone ideas

Whenever you have a good idea, don’t implement it, postpone until you forget about it. Poor people have excellent ideas but implementing them is almost impossible, postponement is their thing.

  1. Don’t go to school

If you want to become poor, please don’t go to school—manner will come from heaven. When parents force you to go to school, avoid them and instead visit your like-minded friends and spend time together, this way you’ll become happy, just for the mean time as you prepare to become poor.

  1. Blame other people for your problems

Whenever you are faced with problems and challenges, blame your friends, witchcraft and relatives. If you have started a project and it has failed, sit down and start cursing your friends and relatives for not helping you to achieve your target.

  1. Sleep early and wake up late

Sleep is good and real dreams are sweet. Don’t wake up early, don’t sleep late.: I urge you to sleep at 7 pm and wake up at 10 am, that way you will become poor.

  1. Spend before you save

Whenever you get money, make sure you spend before you save, spend until the last coin then regret later.

  1. Live beyond your means

If your salary is Ksh100,000, make sure you spend over Ksh100,000. Whenever your money is exhausted, go for bank loans.

  1. Invest your time in jealous, gossip and laziness

If you are a good gossiper, full of jealous and laziness, you will comfortably be poor. The three attributes will give you direct ticket to poverty.