What will Happen if you Don’t Get Huduma Namba—Consequences


If you don’t take Huduma Namba, there are several consequences you will face. Sources say that in future you’ll not be able to process key government documents like Passport, ID, NHIF, NSSF without Huduma Namba

Currently when you go to withdraw and deposit money in MPESA or Airtel money,you are required to produce your ID but in future Huduma Namba will be more important than your ID because it contains more details than the ID.In the bank, you will also be required to produce Huduma Namba.

During voting exercise it won’t be a must to produce your ID or voting card when you have Huduma Namba, your details are already be in the system.

Another thing,it will be hard to get employed by the government if you don’t have Huduma Namba.

Though nobody will force you at the moment to take the Huduma Namba,in future it will be a must thing to have.

One of the importance of Huduma Namba is that it will be easier for the government to know ghost workers, where an individual lives, the number of unemployed and employed people and also to reduce security threats.