Sonko Has Ksh  3 Billion in His Bank Accounts: See His Wealth


Latest information indicates that Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s bank accounts have accumulated amount of Ksh 3 billion. According to the EACC the amount ballooned immediately the governor assumed office in 2017.

Before Sonko became the Governor of Nairobi he had spent nearly all his money and what was remaining in his bank accounts was Ksh17 million only. Sonko’s estimated wealth by 2017 was Ksh 200 million. By April 2019 his net worth had ballooned to slightly over Ksh5 billion. Currently, his more than 5 bank accounts hold Ksh3 billion, that’s money in Kenyan banks.

Sonko owns a house in Runda,home in Machakos, plots in Mombasa, Nairobi and several matatus. Before he became a politician, he used to stay in Buruburu where he owned a popular club and pursued matatu business. At the age of 12 when he left school the governor was selling beach plots in Mombasa, a skill that helped him develop entrepreneurial mind.