Best Courses to Study at KMTC


Which are the best courses to study at KMTC? Well, before you select any course, make sure you have critically analyzed employment dynamics in Kenya before you register for any course. Some courses are only good on certificates but when a graduate starts looking for a job, they realize such courses are useless.

A good course is one allows one to use the skills to employ themselves. It’s a course which has ready employment opportunities. It’s sad that there are thousands of graduate who are armed with degrees but there are no jobs for them.

If you are looking for marketable courses in Kenya, the following are best courses to pursue at KMTC:

Best Diploma Courses

  1. Clinical Medicine (diploma and higher diploma)
  2. Dental Technology (diploma)
  3. Medical Laboratory Sciences (diploma and higher diploma)
  4. Nursing (certificate, diploma and higher diploma)
  5. Occupational therapy (diploma)
  6. Optometry (diploma)
  7. Orthopedic Technology (Certificate, diploma)
  8. Orthopedic Trauma and Medicine (diploma)
  9. Pharmacy (diploma and higher diploma)

Physiotherapy (diploma, higher diploma)

  1. Best Short Courses
    HIV Training and Counseling Services (HTS)
  2. Echocardiography
  3. Monitoring & evaluation
  4. Safe Phlebotomy
  5. First aid and basic life support
  6. Sign Language for Health workers
  7. Medical Engineering (Refrigeration, air conditioning and cold room)
  8. Medical Engineering (Wielding and fabrication)
  9. Food Hygiene and Inspection
  10. Counseling skills for Healthcare Professionals