Microsoft Certification Pathway and Exam Preparation Tips in One Guide from PrepAway


The Microsoft certifications are some of the most valued credentials in the IT industry in both desktop applications and technical products. These certificates are acquired by taking and passing appropriate exams.Achieving any Microsoft certification shows that an individual is competent in an adequate Microsoft technology.

Microsoft Certification Pathway

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA): It is a certification that confirms the fundamental skills and knowledge of those people who are new in the IT industry. This is a good way to build a career in the Microsoft technologies. After getting MTA, a person can proceed to earn Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA). However, the MTA credential is not actually a prerequisite for MCSA.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS):It demonstrates that an individual has the skills and knowledge required to work effectively with a specific software program found within the set of Microsoft Office. This certification is available for PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and many other Microsoft Office products.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA):It validates that an individual has the core technical skills needed to build a great career in the IT industry. If you manage to achieve this certification level, this will allow you to go further. That’s why people are so interested in passing their exams and put a lot of efforts for preparation. There are some popular and reliable resources such as  designed to help the students.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE):This is an expert-level certification for IT professionals. Holding MCSE proves that the IT specialist has the ability to build, administer, and manage innovative Cloud and on-premises solutions across various technologies. The prerequisite for getting MCSE is MSCA.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD):It is intendedfor developers. Acquiring this credential validates that the developer has enough abilities required to create innovative on-premisesand Cloud solutions across numerous technologies. It is necessary to have some experience and a previous-level certificate.

After passing an appropriate Microsoft certification exam, a person earns the relevant credential and is considered a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). However, only the individual with MCSE, MCSD, or MCSA can become MCP. This means that the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) or the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certificates do not qualify one for getting the MCP status.

Exam Preparation Tips

How you prepare for the exam determines whether you will pass it or not. Do your best to cover everything you need to know before you take the test. Here are some tips to assist you to excel in the exam:

  • Take a training course

The importance of taking a training course could never be overemphasized. The amount of energy and time that is associated with self-study is not something that you would like to impose on yourself.While self-study is an option, it is not ideal for everybody. Thus, if you cannot commit to the dedication involved in self-study and you do not have a conducive environment for it, you should take a training course. The one-on-one interaction with an expert will allow you to explore the concepts of the training in the best possible environment.

  • Use revision guides

A revision guide will enable you to structure your revision and study in a way that works for you. There is a revision guide offered by Microsoft. You can use it to prepare for the exam.These guides highlight all the areas of the test that you should focus on so that you do not miss out on anything. The Microsoft revision guide aligns the concepts that will be tested in the exam with the objectives. It is important for you to have a clear pattern to follow when revising and preparing for the certification test so that you cover everything, and that is why you should use this preparation tool.

  • Take practice tests

Do not take the exam before tryingto pass a practice test. You should check your ability to answer the questions in the actual exam using practice tests. The familiarity with the structure of the questions will enable you to know what to expect in the real exam. Training your mind to answer questions is the best way to get the confidence you need to answer correctly. In addition, you will be able to identify any knowledge gaps and get the opportunity to fix the problem before the exam. To find the actual practice tests, visit the PrepAway website. This platform contains only relevant questions. PrepAway will help you pass the exam with more confidence at the first attempt.

  • Join a study forum

A study forum is the best way to meet people who are studying for the same exam. Forums such as TechNet are great additional resources to help you pass the test. This is the perfect place to present your queries and get answers from individuals who have already excelled in the exam. There is a great possibility that someone has already answered a question you have in mind. Therefore, you will get all the answers you need. These forums also act as support groups because you can find many people to walk the journey with you and encourage you.

  • Dedicate more time on gaining hands-on experience

You should take advantage of practice labs to help you familiarize yourself with the technology you will be tested on. Practice labs will help you improve your hands-on experience, which is essential in helping you prepare for the exam and get the passing score. These skills you acquire through the training course and through study and practice will go a long way in enabling you to build your career. In addition to hands-on experience, you should also work onknowledge because they go hand in hand. The knowledge you acquire is necessary to improve your skills to a great extent.

  • Check out the Microsoft Virtual Academy

This is a really excellent study resource that you should use. It has multiple study materials, such as presentations, videos, and articles. These materials are related to the content of the tests and the exam objectives. You can watch a video of the training course for the exam to brush up on the topics of the course. The trainings are comprehensive, which means that they touch on all the essential elements of the exam that you need to know about. These resources form the basis of your preparation, and you should use them.


As you can understand, a Microsoft certification is worth your time and effort. To achieve it, you should study hard and realize your career goals. Prepare adequately using PrepAway, the Microsoft website, and other resources to pass your exams and manage to become a Microsoft Certified Professional.