This is What Will Happen To You If You Have Hidden Ksh1,000 Notes in Your House When New Notes Will Come


There are thousands of Kenyans who have hidden lots of notes in their house, especially politicians and business people.From October 2019 the new notes will be introduced in Kenya and for those who have hidden the old ones will be forced to surrender them to banks for exchange.

This is what the ban on the older series Ksh1,000 notes by October 1 means.

  1. If you have stashed billions in Ksh1,000 notes in your house, you will have to take it to the bank to have the notes verified and replaced.
  2. Once you get to the bank, you will have to explain where you acquired the money (prove that it is not illegally acquired)
  3. If the money is legitimate and was acquired legally, you will get the new notes.
  4. If it is fake money or illegally acquired, you will be arrested.

VERDICT: If you are a Looter and have such money stashed somewhere, forget about it, in fact throw it very far away. You can dump it in the Indian Ocean, repent your sins and become an upright citizen earning an honest income like the rest of us.