Betting Sites in Kenya with cash out


Cash out is the best thing in betting because it ensures that you don’t lose all your money. There are several betting companies in Kenya with decent cash out.

Cash outs are given to encourage players to continue using the site, they are given based on the number of games one has gotten right. For instance, if you placed a bet of 12 teams and you get 11/12, before the 12th is played, you’ll be requested to take an offer in form of cash out or wait for the last game to be played for you to take the full amount. The cash out is usually above half of the full amount to be won. A clever gambler would take the offer if he is not sure of the last game.

For those who need cash outs, below are betting companies you should use:

  1. Betin

Betin has amazing cash outs for almost all the multibets you place. The cash out is usually calculated as a percentage of the  total amount to be won. Sometimes back I had placed a multibet of 12 games and I was waiting for Ksh 109,000 but the last game was between Arsenal and Manchester United. I had indicated Manchester United to win—it was when United had just beaten PSG.At exactly 4 pm I got an offer to take Ksh 70,233 so as not to wait for the last game.due to overconfidence, I rejected the offer. Shock unto me,Arsenal beat Manchester United 2:0 and I lost all the money.

Cash outs are good because they shield you from losing all your money. You can join Betin via this link and start enjoying their cash outs

  1. Betway

I also use Betway cash outs in their daily jackpots. The best thing about Betway is that they give you an offer of cash out even if you have won just one game out of 5.The company has daily jackpots and each of the jackpots has cash outs.If you are a heavy gambler, this is something you should try. Visit Betway website here and see their amazing offers

  1. BetyYetu

BetYetu is the third betting company that offers cash outs for multibets. Though the cash outs are not as good as those offered by Betway and Beting,they are worth the sweat.

  1. 1XBET

1XBET may not have regular cash outs but their odds are impressive, their welcome bonus is high and payment is prompt. The company gives out two bonuses,200% welcome bonus and weekly Ksh10,000 bonus. To qualify for the bonus,you simply join 1XBET vis this link and place your bet.

When I want to bet for high odds games,I use 1XBET,they have never disappointed me.