Why Hard Working and A Material People Never Succeed in Life While Jokers Do


If you look around, you’ll realize that hard working and A material people live average lives while those you perceive as jokers are extremely successful. Even more, you’ll be shocked that most people who live in leafy suburbs, those who drive fuel guzzlers are people who don’t look serious with life:there are a couple of reasons why that is the case.

  1. Risks

Hard working people fear risks, they rather work for somebody and get regular salary than start a business which has lots of risks. Nearly all businesses involving high risks are run by people who don’t seem to be A material—those are the businesses which can make one rich.

  1. Shortcuts

Average people like shortcuts, cutting deals, corruption and dirty money. Regardless of what route they take, what matters at the end of the day is how much they are worth. While lazy people take shortcuts, the hard working ones believe in earning their sweat, eventually, the winner is that lazy person who took shortcuts.

  1. Church

The church also contributes much when it comes to stagnation in life. The hard working people are fond of going to church, they will believe that real wealth is in heaven and not on earth. Even if these people spot good opportunities that require bribery, they will rather shun it than pay for the opportunity. The lazy person on the other hand will gladly grab the opportunity and eventually become successful.

  1. Connections and networking

The hardworking and intelligent people have limited themselves in regards to people they interact with, they have boundaries. By limiting themselves, they don’t get new ideas and new connections, something that limit them from getting new opportunities.People who don’t look serious are outgoing,they don’t choose who they interact with.It’s easier for this person to get new ideas and connections than the A material.

  1. Innovation

People you think are jokers are highly innovative, never underrate such people. You find that they of course failed in school but since they know they can’t succeed through education; they try other innovative ways to survive—they even try things the educated can’t do.Such innovative ways become their daily bread,they attract customers and finally propel them to greatness.

  1. Selective

Intelligent people often select what to do and what not to do. There are jobs hard working people never do but the never serious people take up anything as long as they make a living. When you take up any opportunities, you get new experience and eventually know where good things are and which among the opportunities to take up for a living.

Some of the things hard working people ignore are the best when it comes to wealth creation.