Help This Kisii Girl, shantelle nyaboke, Who is Stranded in Turkey


There is a Kisii girl who is stranded in Turkey,she was heading Iraq.The girl’s name is shantelle nyaboke and was duped by her agent in Nairobi.

If you know her monther,who’s contact is indicated below,please contact her.Here is a statement from a well-wisher:

“URGENT APPEAL: I’m traveling to the states via instanbul. I struck up a conversation with a girl carrying an East Africa passport. She looked lost so I asked where she needed help. She’s 21yrs old from kisii. First time traveller. She thought she was going to Qatar for a job as a domestic worker but her contract and boarding pass indicate Iraq (yes that Iraq). The wasn’t too excited about that and didn’t want to go. Upon examining her contract I noticed a few things.
1. It doesn’t state her salary
2. No indication of expected working hours.
3. No off days indicated.
I thought it was a bad deal and advised her as much at which point I told her the best thing was to return to Kenya which she agreed to.
So I took her to the Turkish airlines help desk and they have promised to get her a ticket back tonight. I gave her some dollars for food and all the ksh I had for when she gets back.

Now the important part. Can a few of you see if you can help her get home. She doesn’t know Nairobi.
1. Can someone check with Turkish airlines in Nairobi to see that she gets in that flight back.
2. Contact her mum and let her know she’s coming back.
3. Follow up in Nairobi to see that she gets to kisii. It may involve picking get up from the airport.

I’m getting on a 13hr flight so I will be offline. I’m going a few of you can get together and discuss how to help out without everyone calling her mum to avoid a panic

Girls name is shantelle nyaboke
0716856329 she may be able to WhatsApp once she connects to airport wifi.
Mum is Tabitha +254704849456

Again I hope we can make a coordinated effort without creating panic for the mum”