Photos of Ruto Training Karate, Dancing and Wearing Police-Like Uniform


Latest photos of Deputy President practicing karate, dancing and wearing police-like uniforms have emerged. Ruto looked happy as he practiced on how to defend himself.

After the 30 minutes training, he wrote on his Facebook account:

“We are supporting youth to exploit their talents, harness skills to earn a living, especially for young people engaged in sports and dance as a commercial activity. They are our brand ambassadors; we take pride in their achievements and positioning the country as a force in global sport. The youth should seize the opportunity of the creative economy, including arts, theatre and film, to express their ideas; promote local content and create jobs.

With the Focus Beyond Imagination (FBI) dance group that will represent Kenya at the World Hip Hop Championships in Arizona, USA and later met the Kenya Film Classification Board, Karen office, Nairobi County”

Below are the amazing photos: