How These Kenyan Tribes Behave in Offices


Have you ever worked with a man/woman from a certain tribe and regretted what brought you into that office? Every tribe in Kenya has unique traits, they have characteristics that uniquely identify them in offices.

  1. Kisii

Kisii men are hardworking, loyal and intelligent. When you employ this person he will definitely deliver. But one of the worst part is that he likes short cuts. You will employ him as an accountant but you can’t give him 100% trust

One of the qualities that impress employers about Kisiis is that they must deliver and they rarely plan evil against their employers.

When you employ a Kisii, he will employ his people until almost everyone in that office starts speaking Ekegusii.

  1. Kikuyu

Kikuyu are hardworking, ambitious and visionary. They will make your company grow exponentially but it will reach a point they will start eating it’s when a Kikuyu helps you to deliver result, dispose him at some point and hire a different person. They are clever, if they aren’t compensated well, they bring you down like hell.

Kikuyus will also learn everything about your company and form theirs which will compete with yours.

  1. Luhya

Luhya are hardworking but not so ambitious, they get satisfied with the little they get. Luhyas hate their own, when they get a job at a certain office, even if they are the CEO, they won’t employ their people—I don’t know whether it’s jealous or not.

Another attribute of a Luhya is that he can betray you any time no matter how tight you are as friends.

But one thing they excel on is that they are generally friendly and loyal to their employers.

If you are making a deal with a Luhya,do it knowing that if the management decides to investigate, your friend will betray you.

  1. Kalenjin

Kalenjin are the most loyal people. When you employ a Kalenjin and he becomes comfortable, know that you have an asset in your organization, he can do anything to see you happy. But when you betray him, he will hate you forever. A Kalenjin man is dangerous when he is angry, he can do anything, usimkaribie.

The good thing about Kalenjin is that they will forever be loyal to you as long as you are good to them. You can even leave him for years to take care of your company and he can’t steal unless he is trained on how to do shortcuts by Kisii and Kikuyu friends.

When a Kalenjin man feels betrayed,he can even quit without notice.

  1. Kamba

Kamba will try as much as possible to please their employers, they will completely alienate themselves from other employers.

What I like about the Kamba is that they will always side with the employer especially in times of crisis but when things are okay, they are with colleagues.

Kamba people will rarely bargain for salary increment because they are contented with the little they earn. When you plan a strike for pay rise, the following morning the boss will come with names of those who planned, and you wonder who took the names to him—it’s your fellow Kamba man,,,he wants to get a promotions and to be seen as a good man.

But generally, Kamba men are loved by employers, they can act as spies and at the same time get satisfied with the little salary they earn. If you are an employer, please employ as many Kamba men/women as possible.

  1. Luo

Luo men will work smart, hard and always be loyal to you. They are good people when you have targets you want to achieve. Luos are very innovative at work, they hate shortcuts. But one thing you must do, you have to make them comfortable. Give a Luo man a car, a house to live in, employ beautiful girls in the office, make sure office tea is always available and don’t forget to make him the boss. When a Luo man is close to the boss and he gets all that he needs, he will work magic, your company will prosper.