Why Kenyan Women Don’t Get Married To Men from These Tribes


Some Kenyan women would tell you, “I better be single forever than getting married to this tribe”, this statement results from common characteristics of men from various tribes in Kenya. If you want to get married to Kenyan men, select the better devil from among the characters described below;

  1. Kisii

Nearly 90% of Kisii men would not live with one woman forever. If you are dating or married to a Kisii man, what you should bear in mind is that there are 99% chances he is cheating on you, though there are few who are faithful.

Before you start dating a Kisii, you should be aware that they are hot tempered, any small thing will irritate them. Kisii men will also like to dominate you by dictating everything you should do—it’s hard to have a voice in the relationship.

  1. Luo

Luo men are people of classy but the worst part of them is that they rarely invest. These people will eat life from Monday to Saturday, they will entertain you, buy everything good life can offer but their vision is zero. The only important thing a Luo would do is add more and more degrees but not title deeds.

When married to a Luo man, you should be ready to grow old a poor person.

Another character women don’t like is the fact that majority of Luo men love women to death. One man can have up to 10 women and he is not ashamed of it, he is simply a community boyfriend.

  1. Kikuyu

Kikuyu men are ambitious and hardworking but they are extremely stingy. Even if you help him build an empire, he won’t let you enjoy the wealth, he will save and leave you with nothing. What’s the point of making money which you don’t enjoy?

  1. Kamba

Kamba men are average and not courageous enough to defend a woman. If you are attacked by another man, he will be the first one to take to the heels and leave you in danger. Speaking in soprano is their thing.

  1. Kalenjin

Kalenjin men don’t have a language to speak to women, they will beat around the bush thinking that the woman knows what they want. When a Kisii or Luo man wins the lady, the Kalenjin guy feels jealous.

Another attribute they all possess is that they are domineering, they don’t give their women a chance to express themselves.

  1. Luhya

Luhya men are polygamous in nature. When a Luhya gets salary increment, he adds one more wife or girlfriend.