My Husband Has Been paying my college fees since 2014, I Recently Got a Sponsor Who Treats Me Better than Him and Promised to Marry Me. Should I dump my Husband?


I am Rachel from Nairobi. I have been married to my husband since 2012.I got married while I had a diploma in Psychology. One day my husband suggested that I go to school so as to increase the chances of getting a job.

Since 2014 he has been paying my school fees. He paid for my undergraduate until I completed, he again paid for my masters degree. He is the one who proposed that we get our first child immediately I complete my studies.

My problem is that in May this year I got a man who has melted my heart. We met at a friend’s place during a birthday celebration. After chatting for a while, we exchanged numbers. We have been close until we started dating behind my husband’s back.Recently,he promised to marry me, he said he is ready to settle down with me as his second wife.He lives in Kileleshwa and he is ready to buy me a house in Langata.

My husband lives in a rental house in Umoja and his monthly salary is Ksh 75,000. Since he started paying my school fees he has been struggling. I don’t see him becoming rich in future because he is just an ordinary teacher.

My new sponsor has told me to break the marriage so as to start life afresh.I have seen since I don’t have a child with my current man, there is no problem divorcing him.Please advise me,this is the only chance I have,my sponsor is rich and I don’t want to leave this chance.