Njoroge Conned Me Ksh 250,000 and This is How I Recovered The Money


I am one of those people who forgive so fast but what Njoroge did to me forced me to revenge. I am building a house in Machakos and it’s almost complete. Njoroge is a friend I have known for 6 months, we met while I was attending a friend’s wedding in Kitengela.

I learned that he is a broker and he can help me.The foundation of my house had just been completed and I urgently needed other building materials. I inquired from my friend who knew Njoroge whether he trusts this man, he said yes. Since I am always busy, we agreed that Njoroge procures building blocks and cement for me and also supervises the work until roofing starts. We did calculations and the total amount came to Ksh250,000.

The following morning, I went to the bank and withdrew the money, I gave the money to him. The following morning, I proceeded to Mombasa for a seminar.

After one week I visited the site only to find that the fundis had abandoned the work.On inquiring, I heard that they didn’t have materials for the job.I called Njoroge to find out why he had not done what we had agreed, only to find out that his number was not going through, he had blocked me.When I called with the other number he picked and immediately he discovered it was me who was calling,he replied,”wewe mjinga wa aina gani,unapea mtu pesa haujui…kula ujinga wako.I almost cried after that response.I immediately called my friend to ask him more about Njoroge only for him to tell me he’s only a customer in his restaurant,he doesn’t even know all his names.

I was desperate and heartbroken. I couldn’t sure him because I had not transacted through MPESA or bank account,I just trusted my friend.I thought of the best way to get my money back,I asked several friends how to go about it.It’s only Mogaka who came to my rescue.Mogaka owns a shop in Machakos and at one time thieves had broken into the shop and stole items,they returned the following day after he applied magic.Mogaka gave me the following contacts:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]

Website  www.mugwenudoctors.com.

I called the number +254740637248 and the man identified himself as Dr Mugwenu.He asked for Njoroge’s number who he called and told to return the money to me in two days.Njoroge abused him and blocked his number.Dr Mugwenu told me to visit his office where he gave me some concoction  and told me to wait for at most one week.

One morning as I was taking tea,I heard a call,my phone was in the bedroom.While I was about to pick it,it ended prematually.Then a message followed,”boss usinifanyie hivo,binadamu hukosa,please forgive me”,the message was from Njoroge.I called him immediately to inquire what was happening, he told me for the past 3 days he has not gone to the long call,wires have blocked the entrance and he feels too much pain. He also informed me that going for short call is almost impossible because he is urinating mchanga.He pleaded to me to forgive him and go to collect the money at Kitengela town.I told him I want Ksh400,000 before I do anything.He promised to give me Kah350,000 and send the remaining amount after two weeks.

I sent my friend who is a police officer to meet him at Kitengela.After he collected the money,I called Njoroge and told him to send the remaining money to Dr Mugwenu before we forgive him.After one day Dr Mugwenu called me and said he had received Ksh50,000.That’s when I told him to set Njoroge free.

If there’s someone who has conned you,call +254740637248 to get help