Ezekiel Mutua Roasted for Telling Youths to Employ Themselves: Here are Comments


Ex-CJ Mutunga tells off KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua over job creation

“We need to transition from the idea of just holding papers and waiting for a job to be advertised,” Mutua said.

His words did not sink well with Mutunga, who through his Twitter account asked him to lead the way in creating jobs for the unemployed youths.

Mutunga refereed Mutua as ‘mjuaji’, which translates to a know it all.

“Lead the way, mjuaji,” Mutunga tweeted.

His comment received varying reactions as some said some government officials have been employed yet they ask youths to employ themselves.

@obrancelaw said that, ” Lakini amesema ukweli. These people holding government positions wanajifanya nikama wako entrepreneurship. Let them resign and create jobs for themselves,”

@SalatAbagira tweeted that,” You preach youth to employ themselves and yet you all occupy government jobs. Please resign and go and create employment. Wacha Sisi tuajiriwe,”

” Says a man who is a public servant. Resign first,donate proceeds of your employment to charity then at par with the unemployed with no capital create a job yourself. Come back later to advise us. Mkuki kwa nguruwe kwa binadamu mchungu,” @califritiz commented.

” This mjuaji had to work hard up to PhD level for him to easily bag jobs. Why didn’t he dump schooling and start business immediately? These know it all middle class will be our destruction,” @BrianSangRutto said.

Mutua said the entertainment field is rich and youths should tap the opportunities in it.

He said many people have succeeded through their talents and have employed many people.