My Husband wants me to resign so that I can take care of our children


My name is Catherine from Kitengela.I work in a bank as a cashier. My current salary is Ksh 67,800 and I am expecting a salary increment next year. My husband works for a government parastatal and his salary is Ksh375,000.

My problem is that my husband has suggested that I quit my job so that I can have enough time to take care of our children. He has promised to pay me Ksh50,000 every month.

The issue is that we have 5 months old baby who needs our attention, we have also not managed to get a maid who can take care of our three children, the last one left my child in the house and disappeared.

Since I trust my husband, I am almost tendering my resignation. Am I doing the right thing to resign?I will appreciate your advise