Tuskys Supermarket Salaries


Tuskys supermarket is one of the best paying supermarkets in Kenya but the salaries vary depending on the job title you hold. The highest paid individuals are the CEO and Chief Finance Officer who pocket at least Ksh1 million per month.

The lowest paid workers are casual employees who take home between Ksh 9,000 and Ksh15,000.

The workload at Tuskys Supermarket is huge and salaries are quite low, however it’s better to work at this supermarket than other supermarkets because Tuskys is the most stable supermarket in Kenya.

Below are details about Tuskys salaries in Kenya:

CEO—Ksh  2 million to Ksh 3 million

Chief Finance Officer—-Ksh 1.2 million to Ksh 2 million

Senior Managers—Ksh 600,000 to Ksh 1 million

Junior Managers—Ksh 250,000 to Ksh 400,000

Branch Managers—Ksh 120,000 to Ksh 300,000

Supermarket Cashiers—Ksh 25,000 to Ksh60,000

Accountants, Auditors, Analysts and other experienced university graduates—Ksh70,000 to Ksh200,000

Store keepers, supermarket attendants and security officers—Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 30,000

Apart from the salaries they earn monthly, the workers also receive bonuses and shopping vouchers every year.