How to Spend Money Won in a Jackpot


Playing any jackpot is fun until you win huge sums of money, you will totally be confused. Winning isn’t a big deal, the issue is how to spend the money. Most gamblers who have won hundreds of millions find themselves back to where they started after making wrong decisions with the money they win. Before you spend the money, you need to do thorough research to determine on the best way to spend it. In this article, we shall provide guidelines regarding the route to take when you become an instant millionaire courtesy of Sportpesa jackpot or any other jackpots.

  1. Save in fixed deposit account

If you don’t have immediate plan on how to invest the money, open two fixed deposit accounts and save the money there. These accounts will restrict you from withdrawing anyhow for a fixed amount of time.

The good thing about fixed deposit account is that the money will earn interest even as it lies idle. Make sure you negotiate with the bank to receive interest of above 7%.

I suggest that you open accounts with two different banks, one at CFC Stanbic and another one at Standard Chartered Bank or CBA Bank. The three banks have the best interest rates on fixed Deposit savings.

One life lesson I have learned is that you should save before spending: if you spend before saving, you will exhaust the money within a short time.

  1. Buy pieces of land, not cars

The first thing most people do is buy expensive cars to floss before people. Doing so isn’t bad but one should know that cars are items which depreciate. Instead of investing in cars, look for someone who is conversant with land buying process and guide you on how to buy prime land. If you win Ksh100 million, spend at least Ksh 20 million to buy land which you can dispose after few years and earn handsome income.

Land will never depreciate, it’s one of the few real assets that appreciate over time.

  1. Build apartments

Real asset like apartment will generate recurring income. Even if you become broke after few years, you’ll still make money from your apartments. But ensure you buy land in towns like Nakuru, Nairobi, Mombasa or Thika where human traffic is high.

One thing I like about investing in apartments is that it’s hard to dispose it off even if you become broke. Another advantage is that it’s not difficult to run the business.

If you spend Ksh 20 million to build an apartment, the monthly income will be in excess of Ksh150,000.

  1. Increase your business stock

If you already own some business, then it will be a wonderful opportunity to expand the business. The capital will boost your profits and attract more customers.

The worst mistake you’ll make is to start a business you aren’t familiar with. Before you commit your money, ensure you understand the business you are about to start. I have run business before and I can attest how difficult it is to run any kind of business.

  1. Clear your debts before you invest the rest of the money

Debts are bad, they can lead to serious troubles. If you have any outstanding debts, clear them, then invest the remaining amount. You will only have peace of mind when you are debt free.

  1. Invest in Insurance Unit Trusts

Many of our people lack knowledge about Unit Trusts, I was also one of them until a friend introduced me to the saving segment. Assuming you have won Ksh 20 million and you save all the money in Unit Trusts, you will earn at least Ksh200,000 every month, your money will still be intact. When you deposit the amount in unit trusts, you have zero chances of losing it.

I will propose two companies where you can save the money, CIC and Old Mutual…they are the most trusted insurance companies when it comes to unit trusts.

  1. Do not spend to please friends and women

When you gain money and status, the first thing men do is to look for as many women as possible and to spend on friends. These people will only love you when you have money, once they exhaust it, they will take to their heels.

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Finally,build a home

Having a shelter is the most important thing in life.If you didn’t have a decent home,this is a great opportunity to have one.By doing so,you’ll solve many problems including paying rent .