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Types of Men You Should Keep Away from your Wife/Girlfriend


If you have a wife/girlfriend, there are types of men you should not keep close to you: no matter how you trust such men, they will eventually spoil your relationship.

For married men or those in a serious relationship, please keep these types of men away from your wife/girlfriend:

  1. DJs

If you discover that a DJ is eyeing your spouse or he is looking at her suggestively, start thinking quite hard and take appropriate action. Most DJs don’t have principles; they can go with anyone.

  1. Gym instructors

Always make sure you accompany your wife/girlfriend to the gym, otherwise you’ll be in for a rude shock. Gym instructors have broken so many marriages. These guys possess almost all the qualities a woman deserves, which is why any woman easily fall for them.

  1. Gynecologist

It will start as a medical issue then graduate a to serious commitment. Gynecologists know the secrets of their clients and the woman in your life will open up to him, ending up submitting herself to him. Though not all gynecologists possess this character, a number of them have been accused of snatching other people’s spouses.

  1. Witchdoctors

After years of living with a man without conceiving, your wife will finally resolve to visit a witchdoctor who will assure her that the only solution is to have intimacy so as to unlock the child bearing potential. Nearly all witchdoctors sleep with their clients who come for reproductive issues.

  1. Comedian

Another group notorious of snatching other people’s girlfriends is comedians. Women love people who are humorous. If a woman realizes that there is a more charming man than her husband, she will start liking him leading to a love affair. Comedians won’t keep their women but they are best known for snatching other people’s spouses

  1. Pastors

Pastors are men of God, people who carry our hopes in matters to do with religion. However, these are guys who can completely destroy your relationship. A huge number of women have marital problems which need spiritual intervention. Pastors take advantage of the women’s desperation, ending up sleeping with them.

  1. Office bosses

If your wife/girlfriend is working under a fisi boss, she will surely give in. The man will use all means, including intimidation so as to get her.

Assuming your wife works as a secretary for a young man who is not related to you, there are high chances that they will be in an intimate relationship without your knowledge.

  1. Movie/CD sellers

The boys who sell movies/CD should not be taken for granted, these are guys who can steal your woman within seconds.

  1. Politicians

It’s hard to find a faithful male politician, maybe Raila, almost all of them love the skirt. If your woman is close to a certain politician, start getting worried. Politicians possess power, they are also monied. Women love men who have trappings of power and money, which is a complete package of an influential politician.

  1. Lecturer

If you know that your wife is close to a certain male lecturer, start getting worried. It’s not uncommon for lecturers to sleep with their students, that’s their second career. Your wife will be told to submit or fail several times.

11.Massage Therapist

If you allow your woman to be attended by a massage therapist,my friend you are giving away your woman for free.