Home ENTERTAINMENT “Pastor Wacha Nitoe Peke Yangu,Usiniraruie Nguo”Nilipinduka Hivi Nikaona Pastor Wangu Akifanya Hivi

“Pastor Wacha Nitoe Peke Yangu,Usiniraruie Nguo”Nilipinduka Hivi Nikaona Pastor Wangu Akifanya Hivi


Mimi sijawahisamehe mtu hata akiwa nani,na hata watu hushangaa vile wanaume huniogopa—naitwa chairman kwetu.Lakini saa hii chenye niliona kinaniumiza.Huwezikula bibi yangu nikusamehe hata kama wewe ni nani,utamu ni wangu pekee.

I fellowship at Githurai and  I have been going to the church since 2010 when my wife introduced me to it. Ever since that time I have never looked back. I trust my pastor because I believe he is God sent.

My wife likes Kesha especially when we have financial and domestic issues, she can go for even 3 consecutive days and return when the home is peaceful. I have been knowing that that’s how she deals with issues instead of confronting me.

However, last month I wasn’t a happy man, something happened to me that will forever remain in my mind. One morning while I was taking tea, one of my friends who lives in Githurai—Me I live in Ruiru, called me, he told me there is something he wants to share with me if I am ready to handle it, he will visit that day to inform me. It didn’t ring in my mind that it was bad news because I knew my friend as a charming person who always minds his own business. Since that Friday morning I was going to meet a cousin in Nairobi University, I told my friend to come at 3 pm.

I went to town to deliver a laptop to my relative then hurriedly returned home to meet my friend. As I was alighting at Kihunguro Ruiru,I saw my friend walking towards my home, I hurriedly walked to meet him.

“How are you Jared,siku mingi? Mimi hata nitamalizia hapa nirudi,ni vizuri nimekukuta kwa bara bara”,aliniambia.He went ahead to explain to me how he always see my wife visiting the pastor in his house. He even shocked me how he at one time got them in the house in a compromising state.”Kama unataka Amani,pambana na huyo pastor,atakuaharibia ndoa”,he concluded.

I am one of the people who trusted the pastor a lot, I even doubted my friend’s story. Nikamwambia,”kama yenye unaongea ni ukweli,please call me whenever you see them together”.

On Saturday morning while I was taking a shower, my phone rung but I couldn’t pick it because it was far. When I was through, I went to confirm only to find that it’s my friend who had called. I called back immediately.”Jared,hebu kimbia,kuna maneno hapa,ni bibi yako na pastor”,alinijulisha.I hurriedly dressed up and headed to Githurai.

Immediately I arrived, I found my friend outside his shop, he pointed towards the pastor’s house—“mambo inaendelea huko”,alisema huku akicheka akifunika mdomo wazi na mkono. My heart couldn’t settle, I wanted to know what my wife was doing with a pastor.

“Pastor Wacha Nitoe Peke Yangu,Usiniraruie Nguo,hii asubuhi unaweka na ni juzi tu nilikupea”,I heard a voice from the house. My legs became heavy as I moved closer to hear more but I was determined to know what was happening in the house. I tiptoed to the window to listen well, ndio nikasikia pastor akisema,”Aki Florence,nataka nikupatie mtoto,kwanza mzee wako atajua ajui”.Sijui vile mkono ulifanya,nilishtuka nimevunja dirisha na kujikuta nikiangalia kwa bedroom.Niliona bibi amemuanikia pastor wetu ndio nikamuuliza kwa hasira,”Hata kama….mbona mnanifanyia hivi?”

Wote kuniona wakakimbia kuvalia nguo,lakini pastor alitembea na kiburi ni kama hajali.

Niligonga mlango for several minutes but they didn’t open. I didn’t want to cause a scene because of the sensitive work I do. I went straight to my friend’s shop and thanked him. Crying aloud uncontrollably, I walked all from Githurai to my house, thinking hard on what to do.

After I arrived at home, I called my wife, she didn’t pick my call. I again called in the evening only to receive a rude message that she is coming to pick her belongings. I thought it was a joke, at 7.30 pm she came with two men, forced me not to act and took her belongings. I feared the worst could happen.

For two weeks we didn’t communicate. I enquired only to be told that my wife lives happily with the pastor. “I have lost the battle”, this is how I thought, but I didn’t want to lose such easily, I had to make sure I taught someone a lesson….it’s painful to see someone walking happily with a wife. First, I thought of looking for people to kill the pastor,but again something stopped me.What saved me is when I went online to search for solutions only for one article to direct me to Dr Mugwenu.Since I was desperate, I took the herbalist’s contacts, which are:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]

Website  www.mugwenudoctors.com.

I called the number +254740637248 to explain my problems. The herbalist told me those are the cases he deals with daily; he gave me an appointment.

On Tuesday last week I went to Dr Mugwenu’s office and delivered the pastor’s details. He gave me something to put on near his door in githurai,I went and did so.

The following day I didn’t believe my eyes when a message came,”aki tunakufa,kama tulikokosea tusamehe”,bibi aliandika.Mimi pia nikajibu,:ni nini hiyo”.”Tumekwamnana,jameni tunakufa”,alilia.Kufika huko nikapata ukweli wamekwamana.Sikupiga nduru but I gave them  free advise and left without help.The pastor wrote a message to beg me,he said he would give me anything as long as he become safe.He begged me not to tell anyone.I said,”sh 500,000 ndio nimalize maneno.

After the money was delivered in my account,I told Mugwenu to do his things.He came to the building and set them free.After that,I went my own ways.On Monday I officially told my wife that we are not together—I better remain single.But I am happy they learnt a lesson.