Fuliza MPESA Charges


Fuliza charges are based on the amount borrowed. For instance, if you borrow Ksh 100, Safaricom will charge you Ksh 2 which is a one-time fee.The rates for Ksh100 and above are different. The maximum amount charged is Ksh 30 per day for Fuliza loan of Ksh2501 to Ksh70,000.

You will be charged 1% access fee and a maintenance fee on the outstanding balance as per below table. Normal M-PESA transaction charges apply.

Band Tariff Promotional Tariff for 30 day from launch
0 -100 One-time fee of Ksh 2 One-time fee of Ksh 0
101-500 Ksh 5 per day
501-1000 Ksh 10 per day
1001-1500 Ksh 20 per day
1501-2500 Ksh 25 per day
2501-70000 Ksh 30 per day

To avoid being charged more,ensure you pay your Fuliza loan in time.The maximum amount of loan you can borrow through MPESA is Ksh70,000

Fuliza MPESA Charges