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Where to Get a Rich Sugar Daddy in Nairobi


As a lady, you can succeed through sheer luck, getting married to a rich sugar daddy or through hard work. In Nairobi, there are many places where you can get a rich sugar daddy to marry you. However, the rich ones are not easily accessible.

Nobody should deceive you that getting a rich sugar daddy isn’t a hustle. You know, the ratio of rich to poor in Kenya is 1:1000 which means that for every 1000 people you meet only one is rich. That one person is being hunted by more than 50 women. You really need mental, psychological and strategic muscles for you to win this person, which is why we would like to educate you on tricks to use to win this person.

  1. Go to churches frequented by the rich

There are specific churches which the rich frequent, like Maxwell SDA Church, JCC and most of the churches surrounding leafy suburb estates. In church, everyone is equal, thus making it easier for you to interact with a rich man.

If possible, join the choir, dress well and approach people with humility. Rich people love to associate with smart and humble women.

  1. Hang around top hotels in Nairobi

If you go to funny vibandas in Eastlands, the only people who will approach you are the hawkers, mkokoteni men and bodaboda people but when you visit hotels like Villa Rosa Kempinski, Sankara, Weston,Sarova ,Safari Park, Olé Sereni etc you’ll meet and mingle with the rich. Such hotels are complete with a pub/club where sugar daddies go to have fun.

It’s not a must to spend a lot of money on meals and alcohol; you can buy a soda for Ksh500 and a Tusker as you wait for your prey.

  1. Attend top events in Nairobi

Events like Safaricom Jazz Festival are attended by the rich. Though the charges are high, Ksh3,000 and above, one might be lucky to get essential contacts.

The worst events are the cheap ones because they attract even the lowly in the society, but when an event is expensive, only the rich and middle class are able to attend—those are the kind of events to attend.

  1. Secure a job in a Top institution

The former Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore married his junior. It’s at Safaricom that Wambui Kamiru got Collymore and later married him. Wambui had children from her previous marriage but Collymore ignored that part and ended up making her the wife. Wambui later inherited Collymore’s wealth after the CEO died.

  1. Join political campaigns

Most politicians are rich. When you show commitment by campaigning for them, they will start admiring you. Even if a politician is married, he will still marry and make you a second wife.

  1. Follow social media pages of rich men, comment and like their photos

The first thing to do is to make sure your online photos are magnificent; then follow people you know are rich. Ensure that you like and comment on their photos to get attention, but don’t overdo because they will know you are desperate.

  1. Attend parties organized by rich friends

You may have one or two friends who come from rich background. These friends have brothers or uncles and cousins who are also rich. When you attend parties organized by the family, ensure you attend and exchange contacts.

  1. Visit Coffee shops like Java which are located in rich estates

Another trick you should employ is to visit coffee shops which are located in rich estates like Karen, Kileleshwa,Lavington,Runda,Muthaiga,Rosyln etc. Nobody will question where you are from because coffee shops are for everyone. Here you might be lucky to meet a rich sugar daddy.

  1. Shop in rich estate supermarkets/malls

Other areas where rich people frequent are supermarkets. Outside those malls, there are restaurants where the sugar daddies spend time. Once you shop, take your sweet time in the supermarket, then go to a restaurant within that supermarket and take coffee. One time,a man will approach you and you will be happy afterwards.

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