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How Kariuki Stole From my Hardware—I Did This To Recover The Items


I always trust my friends because whenever something bad happens, they are the first one to come to my rescue. But something happened to me last month that is bothering me up to now. Kariuki has been my neighbour since 2017, I know he is a good person because I sometimes leave everything for him to take care of.

Last month I had a funeral in Kisii, my grandfather had passed away. I operate a hardware in Kitengela where I sell to the locals for construction. That morning before I left for the funeral, I told Kariuki that I will be away for three days, I requested him to check whether everything is okay while I am away. Since I wanted to make him happy, I gave him Ksh2,000

I left for Kisii on Wednesday morning and arrived at around 1 p.m. That evening, I called to inquire whether my hardware was okay, Kariuki confirmed that it was okay but customers were coming and going. The following morning we were going to Kisii town to collect the body of my grandfather, but before I arrived, Kariuki called me.”Caleb, your hardware is open ,I don’t know how they entered”.”What are you saying?!!” I desperately inquired. “If possible, please come”, he begged.

I immediately told my family that things aren’t okay, then proceeded to Nairobi without attending the funeral.

Upon arrival, I found that indeed my hardware had been broken into. Kariuki was there with two police officers who had come to confirm. I almost fainted when I found that everything had been stolen,I don’t even know how they carried. I even wondered how it happened since Kariuki lives 20 metres away. Kariuki however defended himself that it was raining heavily, that’s why he didn’t hear the movements.

After about 30 minutes, we went to the police station where we recorded a statement. I was hopeful the police would do something, surprisingly two weeks passed without hearing something. That’s when I decided to look for another solution. Imagine I had spent Ksh3 million to stock my hardware only for thieves to steal everything in a day.

The first thought was to relocate from that area, take a loan and start another business, but I realized it’s not a good idea.I also thought of going to the CID to follow up the story but since I have been hearing stories that the police don’t help much, the idea died.

One morning while I was revealing to a friend as we were shopping in Tuskys, he also told me thieves broke into his house in 2015 and he managed to catch them. I thought he used the police to catch them only for him to tell me he used an herbalist by the name Dr Mugwenu.Of course I had heard about Mugwenu before but I didn’t figure out how he would help me considering the many stories I hear about fake witch doctors.But since this was coming from a friend,I decided to trust him,after all,I had lost more than enough.He gave me the contacts of Mugwenu,which are:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]

Website  www.mugwenudoctors.com.

I called his number +254740637248 and told him I was referred by Raphael. He told me to see him in his office for discussion.

The following week,17 October 2019 I took a vehicle in Kitengela and went all through to Nairobi CBD where I met him. After 30 minutes of discussions, he requested to visit my shop. With him was a jerrican with some concoction and a certain skin.

When we arrived, he poured the concoction around the room and just outside the shop, he then told me to drink some. The whole process looked like a joke.Mugwenu then left the scene and assured me something good will come out of the process.

After two days,my friend Kariuki knocked on my door.As usual when he comes,he is jovial but this time he was not happy at all.”Woi nakufa jamani,my stomach”,he cried aloud.Looking at his stomach,it was big and heavy.I immediately sternly shouted,”Kariuki,kama uliiba vitu zangu,rudisha ama uzikwe”.

Within two days I had my items.I relocated from kitengela last week and I am in peace.I realized that one should not put all his trust on a friend.

If you also want to protect your business from thieves,call Mugwenu and he will help you.His number is +254740637248