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Kenya High fees structure


The total fees charged by Kenya High per year is Ksh 75,798. This is inclusive of all tuition fees, insurance and other expenses. Kenya High is among top 10 best schools in Kenya and definitely every student would love to join the school.

If your child scored over 400 marks in KCPE,this is the school you should take her. Below is the breakdown of the fees structure for Kenya High:

Teaching, learning material, and exam GOK: KShs 4, 792.00

Parent: KShs 0

Total: KShs 4, 792.00

Boarding, equipment, and store

GOK: KShs 0

Parent: KShs 32,385.00

Total: KShs 32,385.00

Repairs, maintenance, and improvement

GOK: KShs 1,886.00

Parent: KShs 2,960.00

Total: KShs 4,846.00

Local travel and transport

GOK: KShs 1,833.00

Parent: KShs 1,621.00

Total: KShs 3,454.00

Administration cost

GOK: KShs 1,572.00

Parent: KShs 3,516.00

Total: KShs 5,088.00

Electricity, Water, and conservancy (EWC)

GOK: KShs 3,151.00

Parent: KShs 6,302.00

Total: KShs 9,453.00

Activity fees

GOK: KShs 1,256.00

Parent: KShs 798.00

Total: KShs 2,054.00

Personnel emolument (PE)

GOK: KShs 5,755.00

Parent: KShs 5,972.00

Total: KShs 11,727.00

Medical and Insurance

GOK: KShs 1,999.00

Parent: KShs 0

Total: KShs 1,999.00

The school’s total payable fee is KShs. 75,798.00. Parents pay a larger share of KSh. 53,554.00 while the government pays KShs. 22,244.00 per student