This is How Thieves Steal Money from Your Bank Account Through ATM


You are always told not to disclose your bank account pin. Thieves have come up with a new way of stealing from ATM machines through credit cards belonging to unsuspecting Kenyans.

If you don’t want to become a victim, read what this victim went through:

A lady’s handbag which contained her cell phone, credit card, purse etc was stolen.
Thirty minutes later she managed to call her husband from her Friend’s phone, telling him what had happened.

Her husband said, “I just received your text message asking me to remind you of your ATM pin and I replied a little while ago”.

When they rushed to the bank, they were told that the money had already been withdrawn.

The thief had used the stolen cell phone to text her husband and get hold of her PIN.

Within twenty minutes the thief had withdrawn all her money.

When sensitive information is being asked for through text message, please confirm by calling back.

In the same breadth, when being texted by Friends or Family to meet them somewhere, be sure to call back to confirm that the message actually came from them.

If you do not reach them, be very careful about going places to meet Family and Friends who text you.