My Friend Borrowed Me Ksh 150,000 and Refused to Return it, this is What I did To recover The Money


My name is David and I live in Nairobi. I want to expose my friend Kevin who borrowed me Ksh 150,000 and refused to return it. Kevin has been my friend since college, we even settled in the same neighbourhood after college. I live in Rongai Nairobi.

In 2017 his brother was going to UAE and Ksh120,000 was needed urgently. Kevin explained to me how his brother has suffered and the many jobs he had applied without success. Since I also wanted the best for a friend, I went ahead to lend him Ksh 150,000 which he had asked for.He promised to pay in 6 months. I actually obtained the money from my SACCO savings.

You know, friendship is not about sharing good moments only,but it also involves helping someone when he is in need. As a good friend, I sent the Ksh150,000 to him.

After six months,I sent him a message to remind him that the money is needed from my Sacco. Kevin replied,”nitaona vile nitafanya”.I thought he would return the money but after one month silence, I again reminded him.But this time,the answer I got was not what I was antipitating.This is what he told me,”mimi sina pesa saa hii,unaniomba pesa as if ni millions ulinipea”.Hapa ndio nilijua mambo imeharibika.I went personally to his office to demand for the money,only to be chased by a watchman.

The following day I visited his house to demand for the money but his wife who welcomed me told me Kevin is not around and that he told me that I am not allowed to visit their home without appointment. I wondered how changed the man had become.

Frustrations increased when I called him and I found that he had blocked me. I had nothing to do but to either go to the police to report him or use other mean to recover the money. I went to Rongai police Station only to be told that if I paid him without proof. My only issue is that I withdrew the money and paid him in cash. So the idea of going to the police died like that.

I waited for another month and made final attempt. This time Kevin threatened me, he dared me to visit his house, he will kill me and say I am a thief. I got scared, but deep inside I was hurt.

I talked with my mother who advised me to forgive and forget.But I didn’t to forget like that.Fortunately,as I was talking to my other friend,he told me there is an easy solution.Since I know every detail of my friend and even where he lives,there is someone who can help me recover the money.He gave me this number to call:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]


I called the number +254740637248 and the owner confirmed that he does the job of recovering money .I was desperate for help because the way Kevin treated me wasn’t good.

After two days,I visited Dr Mugwenu in his office where I explained. The following day I brought him to Kevin’s place where he took some soil sample.He also made sure he took all the social media details including pictures.Mugwenu told me to wait for one to two weeks.

After one week,Kevin’s wife called my begging for forgiveness.He told me Kevin’s stomach is swollen and that he has not eaten for three days.”if it’s you who did this,we are ready to pay you the money”,she begged.I told her,” I need double the money before I release him”

After two days,she brought Ksh 300,000 and cried for help.That’s when I called Dr Mugwenu to release him.I am happy for that.

If someone conned you money,you can seek help by calling +254740637248