Best Business To Do During Festive Season in Kenya


If you want to do business during festive season in Kenya, there are specific ventures you should launch. It doesn’t matter whether you have another job or not but as long as you have time and resources, start the following businesses.

  1. Matatu business

This is the time matatu business is flourishing. For those who have been yearning to start this kind of business, launch it in December, by January you are rich.

Matatu fare prices almost triple during festive season and people are willing to pay as long as they reach their destination.

  1. Chair and Tent business

You can also buy tents and chairs for people to hire. There are families which need these items especially in villages.

  1. Catering services

Last year we had 100 visitors in our home, we looked around but didn’t see any catering service company. It forced us to get someone from Nairobi to serve us.

There are families which want to sit and be served. Catering services will not only be profitable during festive season but also when you have weddings and funerals.

  1. Car hire business

If you are living in major towns, car hire business is the best especially this time of Christmas. People want to scare their peers in the village, they will hire the best cars from town so as to floss around. As a businessman your only aim is to make profits.

Families also want to hire cars to take them home instead of using matatu.

  1. Boutique and Mitumba Business

December is a high season for Boutique and mitumba business, this is the time people buy clothes without thinking of any savings. If you set the business in a strategic premise, the profit you’ll earn during festive season will be enough to cover losses for the following year.

  1. MPESA Shop

Most transactions happen in December and January.MPESA business is one of the best during festive season because people will be sending and receiving money in large frequencies than previous periods.

  1. Wines and Spirits/Pub

Another business that will be flourishing is wines and Spirits. This is the time people make merry, they become free molecules. Without alcohol, Christmas won’t be successful for most Kenyans.

  1. Bouncing Castle

I will suggest that if you have over Ksh1 million to start a business with, try Bouncing Castle. During festive season, you will rake in the most. There is no single Bouncing Castle business that registers losses during festive season.

  1. Photography

For those gifted in taking photos, Christmas and New year periods are the best for this business. Make sure you have the right equipment, get contacts and make money.

  1. Garage/car wash

People use their private cars during the festive season. A garage and car wash are extremely important for motorists.

11.Butchery business

The last and best business to start during festive season is Butchery.Here you will sell beef,goat meet and chicken.I swear you will become a millionaire within a short time.