Best SEO Tool for Bloggers 2020: Sign Up to SEMRush and Track the Performance of your Articles


Bloggers are using different techniques to ensure that their articles perform better than those of competitors. SEMrush is the best tool they are using to track the performance of the articles. This is the best SEO for companies as well as individuals who aim to rank high as compared to competitors.

As we start the year 2020, it’s important that you check the performance of each of your articles. If you realize that some of them have dropped in ranking, make necessary adjustments and repost.

The good thing is that you are allowed to sign up for free and use the tool for one week. If you discover that it’s helpful, then buy the premium version. To sign up for free, click here

After registering, you will then login and start using the tool. SEMrush will enable you to check the performance of your competitors. If you share some keywords, it will show you where they are performing better than you. Another important feature is to check the general ranking of your blog against all other blogs in the niche.

In addition to checking the SEO score, SEMrush will also reveal the cost of each keywords on your blog and other keywords available one. Based on that information, you will write articles focusing on high paying keywords. You can follow this link to get all the information about SEMRush

2020 is the year your blog should stand out and it’s through achieving excellent SEO score.