Most Visited Websites in Kenya 2020


Most visited websites in Kenya for the year 2020 are those blogs that receive the most number of visitors. The first one is Google, followed by YouTube, Nation, Standard Media and Tuko, respectively. Nation is the number 1 most visited website among the local owned websites. The blog receives over 30 million page views per month and it’s ranked third overall.

Entertainment and news websites dominate the list of most visited websites in Kenya followed by betting and dating sites.

We will only focus on local blogs and exclude international media blogs, betting sites and other websites which are not regularly updated.

Here is the full list of most visited websites in Kenya for the year 2020 and the estimated number of visitors per website:

1 Nation 30 million
2 Standard Media 30 million
3 Kenyans 25 million
4 Tuko 22 million
5 Ghafla 15 million
6 SDE 12 million
7 Citizen TV 11 million
8 The Star 10 million
9 K24 TV 8 million
10 Mpasho 7 million
11 Kenyamoja 3 million
12 Business Daily Africa 2.5 million
13 Kenyaplex 2 million
14 Venas News 2 million
15 Pulse Live 2 million
16 Myjobmag 1.5 million
18 Fuzu 1.2 million
19 Kiss 100 1 million
20 Capital FM 1 million

Receiving more than 1 million visitors per month implies that those websites under this bracket earn over Ksh200,000 per month. In blogging, traffic numbers matter the most.

The lowest earning blogs are those in the entertainment niche because their AdSense CPC is low, they also don’t receive many sponsored articles and direct advertisements. The ones in gambling are the richest because there are many income opportunities in the industry.

Nation Traffic numbers