Kenyan Man Commits Suicide after Losing Ksh15 Million in a Casino


There was mourning in Nairobi after middle aged man threw himself from the top of Adlife Plaza.Richard Wangai, aged 40,had gone to a casino within the building armed with Ksh15 million,it was exactly 4 pm.

Knowing well he would become a billionaire, he deposited Ksh 2 million into the casino account and started playing, his face was full of smile and optimism. Within 15 minutes, the money was swallowed. Wangai was seen walking around the room helplessly and after 5 minutes, he made up his mind. The businessman credited Ksh 5 million into the casino account which he used to play another game. Within 20 minutes, the money had gone. He again debited his account with Ksh  3 million only for the money to be consumed within 5 minutes. The last deposit he made was Ksh 5 million. The casino had guaranteed him Ksh200 million.

At exactly 5 pm, all his money had been lost. The disturbed man walked out clicking and throwing his eyes on the air. He moved direct to the top of the building where he committed suicide by falling from fourth floor.

Funeral arrangement is ongoing.