Kenyanlist Forum relaunched


Once popular Kenyan forum kenyalist has been relaunched in what was unveiled in late 2019.The new forum is based on the xenforo platform which offers an intuitive, social and engaging experience.

Once hailed as Kenya’s top online community, the original kenyanlist met its end with the unfortunate passing away of its founder. The relaunched version aims to be a bit different, however. aims to bring a fresh outlook to the Kenyan social media scene. The most notable feature of the new kenyanlist platform is its rewards and incentive features, using a points system, a user who registers as a member of the platform is awarded Credits known as KCr (Kenyanlist  Credits) based on various activities they perform on the platform. For instance, for uploading an avatar one is awarded 5 KCr points.

Other awards are given for getting a certain number of likes for content posted or even uploading certain types of media. The aim of this system is to incentivize the community to submit quality content and enhance the community experience. KCr can be redeemed for airtime and are also transferable between members of the platform sort of like a virtual currency for the community.

The vision of is to bring a fresh outlook to Kenyan online communities, meanwhile you can head over there and earn some free airtime while you still can.