Kenyan Politician’s Wife Cries of 6 Months Dry Spell as Her Husband Campaigns for BBI


A Kenyan politician’s wife has poured her frustrations online after claiming that her husband has left her for watchmen and a houseboy after he left home for BBI campaigns. The politician’s wife, who lives in Nairobi, says her husband is often seen in campaigns chest thumping and saying mawingu yametanda while forgetting his conjugal rights.

The wife says despite quenching her thirst on watchmen and a weak houseboy, she still needs her husband. She claims that the husband often complains that he is tired when he arrives home. He occasionally jumps on her like a chicken and when done, he sleeps like a potato.

“I am appealing for my husband to show me love, he should stop the BBI campaigns and pamper me, I am suffering”, yelled the politician’s wife.

Both Jubilee and ODM politicians are busy campaigning for BBI and 2022 presidential elections.