Raila Net worth


Raila’s Net worth is estimated at Ksh 80 billion. However, during his interview at NTV he stated that he is worth Ksh 2 billion.

To begin with, he owns Ksh 1 billion house in Riati Kisumu which he built when he was the Prime Minister. In addition, he is a proud owner of Spectre International Limited which is valued at Ksh 20 billion.

Recently, he acquired Dominion farm, a company that’s worth more than Ksh 5 billion.

Raila owns a house in Runda which is valued at Ksh500 million. He is also a proud owner of a home in Mombasa worth over Ksh100 million.

Raila owns two choppers which are estimated at Ksh600 million

By the time Fidel Odinga was alive, he was worth Ksh 2.5 billion. logically, Fidel was poorer than his father.

The former Prime Minister has interest in real estate and hospitality industry.

Sources say that the actual value of Raila’s assets and money in local banks is Ksh 80 billion.