Jowie Released from Jail a Day after Raila Shouted,Jowi,Jowi,Jowi


Joseph Irungu aka Jowie has been released from jail a day after ODM leader Raila Odinga shuted,jowi,jowi,jowi at Moi’s funeral.Irungu,who allegedly killed Monica Kimani,was released on Ksh 2 million cash bail.

While releasing Jowie,Justice Wakiaga noted that there is no compelling reason to deny Irungu freedom as court allows any accused person to be released on bail or bond.

“There are no compelling reasons to deny the accused person bail term,”Wakiaga stated

Jowie was arrested in 2018 and locked at Kamiti Maximum Prison, he was later transferred to Manyani,one of the most feared prisons in Kenya.

While in Prison,Jowie witnessed his girlfriend, Jacque Maribe move around with Eric Omondi as Itumbi hang around freely with her.His freedom means that he will have more time with Maribe.