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How Betting Companies are playing with odds: Here is Why You Should Bet at Night


Betting has become tricky and hard to venture in as betting companies try to maximize profits by manipulating odds. It’s common nowadays that a game which everyone is 100% sure of a certain result, bookmakers lower the odds to favour them and discourage gamblers from betting for that game. For instance, when Bayern Munich will be playing against Chelsea in Germany, the odds for Bayern will be less than 1.30 because bookmakers know Bayern must win that game unless something strange happens on the pitch.

Three years ago, betting during morning hours was the best time because there was less traffic on betting sites and the odds were high for every game. Odds reduced as from 12 pm until midnight. Betting companies monitored betting trends and they started adjusting odds accordingly. I have observed since 2019 that odds are small during morning hours until 8 pm.If there is a game that people want to bet for, the best time to do so is after 8 pm.

The worst time to bet is from 12 pm to 8 pm because the odds for your favourite teams will be very tiny. There is a way the Apps for the betting companies adjust the odds. If there is a game which most people are not betting for,the App will increase the odds for that game so as to attract players. For instance, a team with less than 1.10 odds will obviously be ignored by everyone. When a betting site realizes that nobody has touched that match, they will increase the odds to 1.20 in a bid to attract more players. The bookmakers must ensure that every game on their platform attract the attention of clients.

If you want to get the best odds for a game, do so at night, between 8 pm and 11 pm.

There was a time we advised you to bet during morning hours but it seems betting companies realized that trick and changed the way they were adjusting odds.



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